Diet meal delivery provides a convenient way to stick with your weight loss goals. These prepackaged, low calorie meals consist of the right foods, in the right combination and in the right portions, so all you have to do is plan your meals at the appropriate times.

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Prepared Diet Meal Delivery Service Reviews

Need help selecting a diet meal delivery service? Our website helps you make an informed decision by showing you exactly what we were exposed to as a customer. Our in-depth reviews include a breakdown of company philosophy as well as the program overview, so you get a feel for each plan before choosing.

We research company reputation, diet meal plan choices available and ease of site navigation, so you are prepared. Success stories and FAQs provide a wealth of information about a company or service, so we also evaluate those to see what others have to say about the plan as well as what help is available if you have questions.

If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your order, you would be eager to know if the service comes with a guarantee, right? So we also evaluate the website for company guarantees, so you know which diet meal plans are backed by a guarantee. We even provide pictures of their meals, so you get a general idea of what you are getting with the plan.

Fine print can be tricky, especially if overlooked, which often leads to confusion and frustration later. As part of our review, we also dig through the website for fine print and special clauses that could lead to surprises later.

Diet meal delivery eliminates the hassles of long grocery store lines and frustrating, confusing and time-consuming calorie counting, because the work is already done for you. All you have to do is select your meals and stick to the plan.

Most diet meal plans include your choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, and some include a la carte choices. And, menus are packed with an exciting array of food choices, so you never miss the fun!

Pricing can be a big concern when it comes to diet meal delivery, because meals are generally ordered in bulk, which can be a bit pricey. Our reviews provide a breakdown of meal plan pricing including meal plan categories, price per plan, price per meals a day, price per number of days a week, delivery options as well as other factors that may affect the price of the plan. This way, you can order a plan that fits your budget. We also look for contracts, automatic reordering and minimum order clauses, which also factors in the cost of the plan.

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Weight Loss Meal Plans Delivered

As part of a diet meal plan, these low calorie meals, in conjunction with regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices, can help keep you on track towards successful weight loss.
Because we provide you with so much useful information, we don't expect you to remember it all, so we also include an overall summary that recaps the review, so the information stays fresh in your head. During the summary, we include the pros and cons of the diet plan as well as our own personal tips and advice, based on our experiences with various diet meal plans, that we believe you will find useful. By the time you are finished, you will be equipped with enough information to make an informed purchase decision.
Nutrisystem Packaging for the Thick Crust Pizza they provide their weight loss meal plans delivered.
Packaging is everything when it comes to diet meal delivery, because it determines the degree of freshness, the ease of preparation and the type of storage required. For instance, did you know that some meals can be prepared using an oven as opposed to a microwave, for those who may not own a microwave or have access to one?

Our reviews provide detailed information on diet meal delivery packaging, preheating instructions and storage space requirements, so you select a meal plan that fits your lifestyle. We also test the packages for proper cooking times as well as even cooking, so you can plan accordingly.
Packaging for Nutrisystem Pizza
The BistroMD shipping container used in our prepared diet meal delivery service reviews.
Customer Service

Great customer service is a must with any company, especially once you've paid them your money. Our reviews walk you through the diet meal delivery service's customer service process and inform you of much needed information. We review how to contact customer service, how easy and if we were able to reach customer service, how long it took for them to respond, customer representative's attitude, if and how they resolved the issue, how long it took to resolve the issue and more.

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Shipping is another concern with diet meal delivery because, it too, affects the cost of the meal plan.

We provide a breakdown of shipping costs, including whether they ship locally or nationally and if orders are available for pick-up.

We even walk you through the delivery process, including the delivery service used, how the package arrived, how the food was packed and if the package arrived on time.
Shipping box for BistroMD meals
Diet-To-Go diet meal both trayed and plated from their diet plans delivered.
Last, but not least, you'd like to know how the food tastes, right? After all, it is diet food, and it is prepackaged meals. As part of our extensive diet meal delivery review, we actually order the diet plan and try it for ourselves!

We include a detailed summary of how savory the meals taste including the seasonings, sauces and other packets included. We evaluate the texture of the meal once it is cooked, if the meal actually resembled the picture, portion sizes and what is included in the meal.
Diet-To-Go tray and plated meal
Because we want you to be successful on your weight loss journey, we also include a section on Fast Weight Loss Tips. Here, you will find a number of helpful topics to assist you with your weight loss goals including the importance of water to keep you hydrated and healthy as well as to help reduce your calorie intake. You will even learn how to stock your pantry for success!
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