Diet-To-Go Reviews Diet Meal Plans
Diet-to-Go is a meal-delivery company whose goal is to provide healthy meals at affordable prices. They strive to offer great tasting meals that allow their customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle easily while teaching them a common sense approach to eating healthy that will become a way of life.

Diet-To-Go Reviews

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Diet-to-Go Review

Diet-to-Go Diet Plan Review

The Website

The Diet-to-Go website was pretty simple to navigate. Their Home page and How It Works page give a general overview into the plan, how it works and what you get. For more details, we suggest scrolling to the bottom of the page. There they have an About Us section that will explain their philosophy, more about the company, their guarantee, etc.

  • Consumer Tip: Diet To Go 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: "with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if for any reason you are unhappy with your order or our service, we’ll make it right or refund your money. It’s that easy."

In their Menu category, you will find an overview of their meal plan choices: Traditional, Vegetarian and Low Carb. Each choice has 4 buttons on the image to review: About Menu, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. When clicking on the Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner button, the image that pops up offers a "View Sample Menu" link. This will show you the 5 Week Meal Rotation currently being served that week. Each week shows images and the meal title, but no description. In order to proceed and see more, you must be a Diet-To-Go customer.

There is a bit of a process for checking the pricing of a plan you want to order. When you click on the Pricing link at the top of the page, it will prompt you to provide your zip code before continuing. The next option is to select a menu: Traditional, Vegetarian or Low Carb. There are 2 plans to choose from: the Women's plan (1200 calories per day) and the Men's plan (1600 calories per day). Then you select the number of days per week you want to order: 5 days or 7 days. The number of meals per day is next: 2 meals without breakfast or 3 meals. This shows how much your order will be per week and gives the option of applying a coupon code. If you don't have one, you can click on the link below and see if there are any available coupon codes to be used. Once this is complete, you have the option of proceeding to checkout.

We checked the prices of a zip code in the local pickup area and the home delivery area and they were the same, we figured that this was required because of the Proceed To Checkout option at the end of the process. We found that you can switch the Plan, Days Per Week and Meals Per Day choices on that screen and your price will change accordingly. However, if you attempt to switch the Menu option on that screen, the process begins again. This is not an annoying issue, their selection process is easy, fast and shown right there on one page, just something we thought you should be aware of.

We did look for a traditional FAQ page and realized that there was none, at least not under that title. In searching around the site, we found that if you scroll to the bottom of the page, under the Resources column is a Help link. This contains the FAQ that you would need neatly sorted into 8 help categories.

The Help page also contains a Contact Support button and a Live Chat button, The Contact Support page sends you to the Contact page, which supplies quite a few options for contacting them: their mailing address, Sales phone number, Customer Service phone number and fax number, their business hours and an option to email them. We really liked all the contact options they supplied, a lot of companies don't offer so many. We tried the Live Chat button, but nobody was available at the time. It doesn't seem to be 24/7 but they do provide the option of leaving a message through the Live Chat so they can reply to your inquiry.
Overall, we think this is a very good diet delivery service. We prefer to have three complete meals over muffins or bagels for breakfast, and soups or sandwiches for lunch, but that is a very personal choice. You may find it to be very convenient to have sandwiches. And we do want to underscore that you have the option to change your weekly menu before it is shipped.

While Diet to Go may lack in breakfast and lunch, we found they generally make up for it with dinner. The portion sizes might be the largest in the industry, and the food is by far their best offering. When you get through your day, you will be rewarded at dinner. We felt this is how the company balances the budget costs of creating this meal plan.
Diet-to-Go - Day One

  • Breakfast: Waffles with Peaches and Apples in Syrup. A good and hearty breakfast, but there is nothing special about the waffles, although we did like the large portion size. The fresh fruit was exceptional.

  • Lunch: Reuben Sandwich with Russian Dressing, Mushroom and Artichoke Salad, and Citrus Fruit Cup. Since we are based out of NYC, we looked forward to having this Reuben Sandwich, but it fell short of the mark for us. This sandwich came on French toast, which didn't make sense to us. Rye bread is actually the best bread to eat while dieting because it has the lowest amount of carbs, around 12 per slice. It seems that would have been a better choice for both nutritional value and a traditional menu. Also disappointing was one, very thin slice of meat, but the Russian Dressing was a huge hit. It had Sauerkraut in it, which gave it a nice texture "crunch." The Mushroom and Artichoke Salad was also very good, and we wished we had more of it. The fresh fruit was outstanding.

  • Dinner: Atlantic Salmon, Brown Rice, and Vegetables, Carrots and Jicama Medley. We have purchased a lot of prepared meals over the years, and we have to say this was the largest piece of salmon we ever received from a meal delivery service. Better than that, it tasted great and didn't get dry during reheating. The rice was also good, and not dry. The carrots were not mushy, but the jicama was a pleasant surprise. All in all, we thought this meal was well above average.
Waffles with Peaches and Apples in SyrupReuben Sandwich with Russian Dressing, Mushroom and Artichoke Salad, and Citris Fruit CupAtlantic Salmon, Brown Rice, and Vegetables, Carrots and Jicama Medley
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Diet-to-go Menu
diet-to-go substitution menu
Diet-To-Go Substitution Menu with Drop-down Options
Diet-To-Go Weekly Menu
This company promotes a nutritionally balanced diet that teaches customers good, healthy eating habits while offering delicious food that will help them sustain their new healthier lifestyle.

Each plan is a different price depending on your menu category, number of meals and whether or not you choose a male or female plan. The Traditional and Vegetarian Menus for Women ranges from $106.59-$157.99 per week depending on the number of days and meals chosen. For Men the range is $113.59-$173.99 per week for these same plans. The Low Carb Plan is not gender specific and ranges from $120.99-$179.99 per week.

The added shipping cost for Diet-to-Go depends of the form of meal delivery offered in your area. Their Home Delivery is available anywhere in the continental United States. Customers pay a flat rate of $18.95 per week for shipping. They also offer local pickup in certain designated areas. The cost of this is $5 per week. Fresh local delivery available in the Washington DC Metro, Baltimore, Greater Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay and Greater Los Angeles areas. When beginning the order process, a zip code search will inform you if your area qualifies for local pickup or home delivery.

We purchased the Traditional Menu, men's 7-day plan with 3 meals per day. This came to $173.99 per week. We are not located in a Fresh Local Delivery location, so we paid $18.95 for shipping. This translates to $8.29 per meal.


Over the years we have had meals from Diet To Go on numerous occasions and find them to be one of the best, and most consistent in the industry.


  • No long-term commitments
  • Customizable menu
  • Choice of 3 healthy meal categories: traditional, vegetarian and low carb
  • Fresh local delivery available in the following areas: Washington DC Metro, Baltimore, Greater Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay and Greater Los Angeles areas. A zip code search will inform you if your area qualifies.
  • No cancellation fees
  • Order comes with all the sides and condiments needed
  • They periodically hold tasting events in the 5 local pickup areas where customers can try Diet-to-Go meals
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Many options for contacting them, and outstanding customer service


  • Live Chat and Customer Service hours are not 24/7 and they are closed on Sunday
  • To check general pricing it is a bit of a process
  • As a non-customer you will only be able to see the titles of some meal examples. You can only see the components of the meals once you become a customer and can get into the Menu Management with myDiettogo.
  • Six of our meals came without nutritional information on the labels.
  • Some store-bought items like yogurt and apple sauce you can get on your own
Customizing A Meal Plan

You can only customize your menu for meal preferences after placing your order. Once you place your order, you are registered for myDiettogo. This allows customers to manage their menus and deliveries. Being registered at myDiettogo also provides a Tracker section. These trackers include: Meals, Weight, Exercise, Measurements, Steps, and a My Device Manager. Being a part of myDiettogo also includes customers in the Diet-To-Go Community with articles in many categories to keep the customer on track.

Once you have ordered you can make changes to your meal plan. Changes for that current week must be made before the deadline for that week. If the deadline has expired, it will let you know right on the webpage in red. Each week's meal page looks like the image below.

Diet-to-Go cooks their meals in their own facility ensuring that they are fresh and then flash frozen. They are packaged in Styrofoam coolers and packed with dry ice. The amount of dry ice depends on the time of year and climate the customer resides in. Our order was shipped in January and didn't come with dry ice.

Home delivery is shipped using FedEx. Each week, once the meals have been shipped, Diet-to-Go will send a shipping confirmation email that will contain your FedEx shipping tracking number.

Fresh local delivery available in the Washington DC Metro, Baltimore, Greater Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay and Greater Los Angeles areas. When beginning the order process, a zip code search will inform you if your area qualifies for local pickup or home delivery.
On the left side right above the menu will be the plan that you have chosen. It does give you the option to change your plan type. On the right side above the menu, it shows the shipping date. If the time hasn't expired, right below that will show the deadline for changes, which includes the date, time and time zone. They really make it very clear for the customer right there on the webpage. We liked how it was very obvious, no confusion at all.

If you decide to swap out a meal, you will click on the image or meal title and a pop-up screen comes to make your change. By clicking on the "Substitutions" button, a drop-down box comes up with the substitution choices you can make. Below is an example of what you will see.
Each meal shows the components of the meal listed below the image and also has a Nutrition tab that contains the nutritional label. This pop-up also shows the weekly substitution cutoff information in red below, as well. They make it a point to be as clear for the customer as they can about the substitution deadlines.

All in all, once we became a customer in the myDiettogo section, we felt that they were able to put a lot of information in a neat, clear, concise format that did not require us to do a whole lot of scrolling or page hopping to view the information or make changes. All the info we needed was right there and simply to view. This was definitely a plus compared to some confusing sites we have encountered in the past.
Diet-to-Go - Day Two

  • Breakfast: Peachy Keen Muffin with Apple Butter and Greek Yogurt. We don't care for a muffin being served as a breakfast. This muffin was fine, but it was small. The apple butter was good too, and not overly sweet. This breakfast came with a Chobani Greek Yogurt, which broke down and became watery during freezing. There is nothing here you can't get at the supermarket yourself. We expect more from diet delivery service.

  • Lunch: Aztec Quinoa Salad. Sometimes companies make fancy names for their meal to make them sound gourmet, and we felt this happened here a lot. What makes this salad Aztec? Well the Aztecs used to eat a lot of Quinoa. A traditional Aztec Quinoa salad is packed with fresh vegetables grown in South America. This salad is closer to a bowl of Quinoa, however, we liked that it appeared on the menu for its nutritional value. We just would have liked to see more vegetables in it.

  • Dinner: Chicken Parmesan with Pasta and Broccoli Florets. This also came with a small lemon yogurt smoothie, which is not shown. Overall, not one of the better Chicken Parmesan dinners we've had over the years. The chicken breast is very small, the pasta was mushy, and just two broccoli florets? Vegetables are an important part of any diet plan, not just for nutritional value, but for fiber to keep you filled up. However, there was plenty of melted cheese which was nice.
Peachy Keen Muffin with Apple Butter and Greek YogurtAztec Quinoa SaladChicken Parmesan with Pasta and Broccoli Florets
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Diet-to-Go - Day Three

  • Breakfast: Peach Pecan Oatmeal Bar and Tropical Fruit. Here is another very small breakfast that didn't pack enough portion size to get us through to lunch. It's larger than the muffin we had on day one, but didn't taste as good. The "tropical fruit" seemed like it was diced canned peaches.

  • Lunch: Chicken Florentine Burger with Provolone Cheese and Apple Jello. This is closer to a chicken salad than a burger. It's pretty good too. The apple Jello seemed store-bought.

  • Dinner: Turkey Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Green Beans. This also came with a small cup of store-bought chocolate pudding, which is not shown. We loved the portion size of this meal. The turkey meatloaf was pretty good and not dry, a tall task for turkey and especially when it gets reheated in the microwave. The mashed potatoes were also good, but probably instant, and could have used some seasoning. No lie, the green beans tasted, and had the texture of coming from the farm. Note: One of our staffers actually grew up on a farm. We know they probably are frozen, but they were that good. The tray didn't have a separate compartment for the gravy, which would be the only suggestion we would have. 
Peach Pecan Oatmeal Bar and Tropical FruitChicken Florentine Burger with Provolone Cheese and Apple JelloTurkey Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Green Beans.
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Diet-to-Go - Day Four

  • Breakfast: Greek Burrito with Chicken Sausage, Fajita Vegetables, and Orange Segments. Finally, a diet delivery nailed a breakfast burrito recipe! There are some good ones out there, but most are a huge disappointment. This one was not only delicious, but reheated perfectly to where it wasn't too hot on the inside and you could eat it with your hands if you wanted too. If you are customizing your menu, try to replace the muffins with this! It is such a home run, we're surprised Diet-to-Go doesn't do more variations of this, like maybe a Denver Omelet Wrap. The ground chicken sausage didn't taste like a breakfast sausage, but it was good. The Fajita vegetables were pretty standard frozen food, but the orange segments were skinned by hand, and were divine. Lots of exceptional, culinary attention to detail in this breakfast.

  • Lunch: Tomato Pesto Meltover with Apple Cake. Here is another first from Diet to Go. We've never heard or seen a meal like this, and we have to say we were impressed with the creativity of the dish. The bread base under the tomatoes was slightly on the soggy side, but a valiant effort, it's almost like a pizza. The apple cake was the best offering on the menu this week.

  • Dinner: Chugwater Chili with a Drop Biscuit and Sour Cream. This meal is listed as a dinner, but is more suitable as a lunch. The portion size is small, and the drop biscuit was just fair. There must have a picking error, because the sour cream we put on our chili was butter. "Chugwater" is a town in Wyoming that hosts competitive chili cook-off challenges. We didn't see this as worthy of an entry. The chili was closer to a soup than a chili, and it was way under-spiced.
Greek Burrito with Chicken Sausage, Fajita Vegetables, and Orange SegmentsTomato Pesto Meltover with Apple CakeChugwater Chili with a Drop Biscuit and Sour Cream
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Diet-to-Go - Day Five

  • Breakfast: Whole Grain Pancakes with Strawberry Maple Syrup, Turkey Sausage, and Asparagus. The pancakes were very good and didn't have that "over-fiber" taste or texture you might expect from whole grain. The Strawberry Maple Syrup didn't have any "maple" flavoring, and was a little too sweet for our tastes. The chicken sausage was good, a little crust on them would have been better. We liked the idea of asparagus served with breakfast, although it traditionally goes with an egg dish, and a larger serving would have been better.

  • Lunch: Stuffed Potatoes with a Nutty Wheatberry Salad and Sour Cream. On the menu they're called Tuscan Potatoes, and on the label they're called Italian Potatoes. We couldn't see the connection to either. They are loaded potato skins, and good, but hard to see as an entree. The Nutty Wheatberry Salad was a surprise treat, and this time we got sour cream instead of butter.

  • Dinner: Curried Shrimp with Basmati Rice and Minted Carrots. Curried meals don't appear on too many menus, but we would have to say this one was above average. First, they nailed the shrimp. It was perfectly cooked and didn't get rubbery when it was reheated. The curry was also good, but we thought it was geared towards mainstream tastes. Our carrots didn't have any taste of mint, and the peas were standard fare.
Whole Grain Pancakes with Strawberry Maple Syrup, Turkey Sausage, and AsparagusStuffed Potatoes with a Nutty Wheatberry Salad and Sour CreamCurried Shrimp with Basmati Rice and Minted Carrots
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Diet-to-Go - Day Six

  • Breakfast: Egg and Broccoli Pie with Applesauce. We thought this was an interesting idea but the pie shell was not too desirable. A burrito or omelet would have been much better. The eggs, broccoli and cheese were great, through. We felt the company can do better than store-bought containers of apple sauce.

  • Lunch: Michigan Turkey Sandwich on a Pretzel Roll with Orange Mango Salad. Aside from trying to make the name sound more gourmet, what makes this sandwich "Michigan?" This is a turkey salad sandwich on a roll that has a pretzel shape, but no flavor or texture of a pretzel. According to their nutritional label, it also has 18g of fat and 89 carbs, which made us wonder what qualifies it as diet food. It was okay, but not worth the carbs.

  • Dinner: Chicken and Turkey Brunswick Stew with a Corn and Lentil Loaf. Traditional Brunswick stew is a tomato-based stew that is very thick. So in this case, the name has some relevance to the dish. It's very good, but lacks more vegetables common to Brunswick Stew recipes. One thing we loved about it is that it has a bit of spice to it, as you expect with a Southern, backwoods recipe like this. We also liked the generous portion size. The Corn and Lentil Loaf was certainly fibrous and would fill up even the hungriest of dieters, but that might be the only reason you eat it.
Egg and Broccoli Pie with ApplesauceMichigan Turkey Sandwich on a Pretzel Roll with Orange Mango SaladChicken and Turkey Brunswick Stew with a Corn and Lentil Loaf
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Diet-to-Go - Day Seven

  • Breakfast: Whole Grain French Toast with Mango Cranberry Syrup and Greek Yogurt. Our French Toast tasted more like bread from a toaster than French Toast, with a creamy inside. The store-bought yogurt made us feel like the chefs took the day off.

  • Lunch: Turkey Swiss Sandwich with Relish and Cauliflower Tabouli. We found the commercially manufactured French Toast on the sandwich to be better than the French Toast we had for breakfast, but would still prefer a traditional bread on our sandwiches. The inside of the sandwich was very good and the Tabouli was okay for a side.

  • Dinner: Blackened Turkey Loin with Carrot Puree, and Italian Vegetable Blend and Asparagus Risotto. We thought this was the best meal Diet To Go made for us this week. The turkey was perfect, and moist inside. The blackened seasoning was light, but good. The Asparagus Risotto was equally delicious, and made for a great side, although we didn't taste much asparagus in it. The carrot puree was unbelievably good, and there was plenty of it. The Italian Vegetable Blend was also spot on and wasn't mushy at all. Overall, an outstanding meal!
Whole Grain French Toast with Mango Cranberry Syrup and Greek YogurtTurkey Swiss Sandwich with Relish and Cauliflower TabouliBlackened Turkey Loin with Carrot Puree, and Italian Vegetable Blend and Asparagus Risotto
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Yum City
Yum City
Yum City
Yum City
Yum City
Yum City
Diet To Go Shipping Box to give you an idea of how large it is.Shipping Box Opened with Menu and Company LiteratureShipping Box shows how the diet meals are packed.
Home delivery meals are packages and shipped once a week. Local pickup customers pick up their meals twice per week. The pickup days are Tuesdays and Fridays and, for most local customers, the pickup time is 5pm-closing. Each location may have different business hours, so customers should check their local pickup location for their specific hours.


Packaging is a bit of a challenge for Diet to Go because they support local, fresh pickup and national frozen shipping.
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The challenge comes more to those customers that have their meals shipped frozen. The company recommends you allow their meals to thaw completely. Here's why:

  • Most of the breakfast and lunch meals are shrink-wrapped
  • Most of the dinner meals come in microwaveable trays
  • As shown in the 3rd picture above, we found items that are not microwaveable in the shrink-wrapped packaging

Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before reheating your food.


While the process is a bit more complicated than other diet delivery services, the end result is a more consistent, high-quality reheat of your food. We didn't have one meal where the food was either undercooked or overcooked by following the directions on the labels.
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