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Diet Meal Plans

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How To Choose a Prepared Diet Meal Plan

Seeing all the prepared diet delivery options advertised has the potential to motivate someone looking to lose weight into making an impulse purchase. When choosing a diet meal plan, the key is to find something that not only works for you, but one that you will enjoy as well. Following a specific weight loss meal plan can help, but you have to be able to find one you can stick to in order to be successful.

A diet meal plan includes various options to give you more control over the foods you receive as well as determine a price that fits your budget. However, with so many options it can become a bit overwhelming. These tips will help you select a prepared weight loss meal plan that is right for you.


Weight loss meal plans include a variety of choices, which translates to a variety of different costs. For instance, there are full meals and there are a la carte choices (foods that can be ordered as separate items as opposed to part of a set meal), which each includes different prices.

There are also meal plan categories such as traditional, low carb and vegetarian, etc. that range in price. Each plan category contains a breakfast menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, and maybe a dessert and snack menu, etc. that is calculated by meals per day. The number of meals per day you select, for instance, 2 meals and no breakfast, will factor into the price of your meal plan. Then, there are the number of days per week you wish to order, which also affects the price.

To customize the price of your diet meal plan, first determine the meal plan category you would like order from and if you would like a la carte choices included or instead of. Next, select the number of meals you would like per day, and then select the number of days per week you would like your meals to arrive.

Lastly, factor in the shipping cost, which usually varies based on your zip code. Or if it's an option, pick up your order locally, for free or at least for a much lower fee. Play around with the plan a bit until you come up with a price that suits your needs and budget. Some companies even include coupon codes to further discount your meals. So check the company website or our in depth reviews to find out which companies offer coupon codes.

Type of Diet

Diet meal plans are categorized based on diet type, so you have the option of selecting a plan that coincides with your particular diet. For instance, many plans offer a low carb category that includes a low carb menu complete with low carb food items to compliment your low carb goals. Simply click on the meal plan category to select meals that are appropriate for your weight loss goals. And, most meal plans include nutritional information printed on the label.
Most consumers that are willing to try a prepared diet delivery service are likely to try one once. That's it.
How to Choose a Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Meal Plans

Each weight loss plan includes a full day of meals to help you stick with your weight loss goals throughout the day. Simply click on the menu, then decide if you would like 3 meals per day or 2 etc., as part of your plan.

3 meals a Day or 2

Each menu is broken down into meal options, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner etc. so you can select the type and number of meals you would like per day. If you are a busy individual or just prefer the convenience of having your weight loss meals already prepared for you, then the 3 meals per day would be a great choice. If you prefer the option of preparing at least one of your own meals per day, then the 2 meal per day option would be a good choice.

In order to decide what plan fits best into your lifestyle, you may want to consider these additional points:

  • Are the meal choices convenient for your lifestyle?
  • Will the meals be easy for you to prepare?
  • Do you prefer microwaveable, stovetop boil bags or oven-ready meals?
  • Is it portable enough to bring to work?
  • Do you want to include your own fresh vegetables and fruit or have the diet plan supply it?

The Food

When choosing a diet meal delivery service, the food is really the most important factor. It must taste good to you and be filling enough to help satisfy your hunger as well as keep you from craving unhealthy food. Every person has their own individual taste preferences. If you find that you are forcing yourself to eat food that you just can't stand simply because you have to, you will never be successful.

Enjoying the food is a must in order to be able to stick to a weight loss program long-term. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you prefer a lot of variety and options or a few tried and true selections?
  • Do you prefer unique spices and international selections or more simple flavors?
  • Are you looking for fresh food, frozen meals in trays, or shelf stable meals?
  • Does the plan allow for snacks or small indulgences? If so, do they provide that on the menu or must you add that yourself?

Whatever your preference is, make sure the food you are choosing will not cause you to become bored. Each meal delivery company offers their own different meal selections, so research the menus of each company to find what speaks to your personal tastes.

Look for pictures of the food on their website as well as nutritional labels or serving sizes to help in making your decision. Pictures of the meal offerings are a great way to get an idea of what you will really be receiving. When a company has no problem laying all the information out for you, it shows that they stand behind the products they are providing.
Have You Tried a Diet Meal Plan Delivery Service?

A guarantee ensures your meal plan is backed by the company in the event you are not totally satisfied with the product. This means, the company assures you, usually in writing, that the product you receive is the product specified, or they promise to repair, replace or reimburse you.

Guarantees, or company promises, vary by company, so be sure to check the company website for their specific guarantee. The guarantee is generally located somewhere on the website, or check out our in depth review located under the featured meal plan, for a statement of guarantee.

Legal Comments and How to Cancel

Signing up for any program can be a bit scary, because as we know, some programs require a long term commitment that could lead to legal ramifications if broken. Then, there are some programs that charge cancellation fees if you decide to cancel the program before a certain date, which can be downright frustrating if you decide you don't want the plan after all.

It is important to know the terms of the meal plan before signing up, so you don't get locked into a plan that you will regret later. To learn the terms of the program, such as if there are long term commitments and cancellation fees etc., simply scroll to the bottom of the page to the About us section. Here, you will usually find a wealth of information such as the company philosophy, legal comments, how to cancel, if there is any type of commitment required and more.

The company FAQs page is another great place to find information about the program, such as how to cancel etc. You could also refer to our in depth review, located under the featured meal plan, for information on commitments and cancellation terms etc.
This is a nicely portioned meal from the DineWise Diet weight loss meal plans we ordered.
Online Tools and Support

Many weight loss meal delivery plans provide online tools and support to help you lose weight and stick to your plan. This can be very handy when trying to reach your weight loss goals. Some people find this helpful, but others may not find it useful. It is a personal preference and something to take into account in the selection process if you require it.

Amount of Storage
Portion size is another thing to consider. Each individual has their own portion requirements.

Gender, current height and weight, and activity level may play a big part in this, as well.

What one person may consider an acceptable dinner portion, another may feel is too small and more appropriate as a lunch. Serving sizes provided on their site can be very helpful in this respect.
Portion size of a DineWise Diet meal
Consumer Reviews

If this is your first time purchasing a weight loss meal plan, then you're probably plagued with questions. Customer reviews entails other people's experience with a product or service, so you have more confidence about placing your order. Research customer reviews and testimonials, including our in depth reviews located under each featured meal plan, to see what others have to say about the plan. Research information on taste, ease of preparation, customer service handling and any other helpful tips before purchasing.
BistroMD packaging makes storing and finding these diet meal plans in the freezer easier.
Diet meals vary in package size, so be sure to check the size and weight of your items before ordering.

The packaging not only determines how you store and prepare your foods, but also the amount of storage needed.

As a tip, remove all high calorie, high fat foods from you home before your diet meals arrive. This not only increases your chances of sticking to your diet, but also frees up space for your prepared diet meal items.
BistroMD packaging stores very well
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