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Diet Plans Testimonials


"I was hesitant with BistroMD at first, but boy I was surprised. The delivery was very fast. They were delivered through FedEx. It comes from a box with dry ice, which ensures my food is still fresh. Every food package comes with nutritional facts in them. That way I know how many calories am taking every meal. BistroMD helps me control and maintain my diet and I always recommend it to all my friends. They too have vouched for the effectiveness of BistroMD Diet Plans."
- Janet, NY
"The taste from BistroMD was never an issue. Even thawing my food for 3 to 4 days does not affect how delicious, yet low in calorie, their meals are. Never thought frozen diet meals could taste this great. My favorites are their cheesecakes, sugar free lemon cheesecake, and fresh blueberry cheesecake."

- Michele, Tampa, FL

"Great food at its finest!"
- Hannah, Peabody, MA

"The number one thing I consider when tying up with a diet plan is there customer service. So far, I had a pleasing experience with BistroMD. Customer service agents where welcoming and sympathetic. Once they delivered my package late. However, they were able to rectify things, with a plus factor of courteous agents."
- K.L., Los Angeles, CA

"If Dr. Phil recommends BistroMD, what more can I ask for?"
- Jackie, Faitfield, CT

"I got BistroMD diet program as a gift from a friend. BistroMD gave me hope. They introduced the right kinds of food that are healthy. They helped me get where I want to go. Now I lost 15 pounds with 3 months time, and still losing them."
- Kathy, Clifton, NJ


"The fact that they have an option for vegetarian menu for their diet plans only means Diet-To-Go goes extra miles for their customers. I'm happy and contented."
- Kelly, Brooklyn, NY

"Diet-To-Go is so flexible. I can have a meal plan without including any breakfast meals, or have the option to tweak it if I only want breakfast and dinner only. Overall, I can't complain, only that if they could include snacks in between my meals to keep me going."
- GiGi, Laurel, DE

"There vegetables are kind of sloppy when microwaved, I have to separate them to maintain their firmness. Other than that, I have no complains as I can actually see positive results with my weight loss."
- Maria S., NM

"I love their exclusive offers. Thirty percent offs, and gift vouchers and coupons, and many more. Saving while actually losing weight? What more can you ask for!"
- Lily, Chesapeake, VA
"Their local pick up service is great. Foods come in fresh."

- Barry, Philadelphia, PA

"It is best to check in meal plans flexibility. Diet-To-Go needs to improve on this a bit. But, I like their taste and portion sizes in general."

- Laura T., Schenectady, NY

"It is good that I can start easily with their program and cancel anytime if I want to. Unlike other diet meal plans that forces me to contract with them."

- Ann, Ocala, FL

"It is clear that Diet-To-Go has put extra effort in providing a variety of foods. And if you exclude shipping fee, I'm getting my meals at $6, which I personally think isn't but, provided they are healthy and nutritious."
- Kristi, MA

"Honestly, I never get a full feeling of satisfaction every time I eat their package. I guess this should be a good thing, but I just hope they provide extra food fillers to keep me motivated with my diet."
- Joe, CA

DineWise Diet

"There are so many diet meal plans on the market, I thought about why I stuck with DineWise for 2 years now. I guess, it has something to do with their service and obviously DineWise is the most popular diet meal service. The tremendous meal selection is just to die for."
- Marianne, Canton, MI

"They have amazing special offers. Imagine, I get a savings of 30% just because of an email discount. I feel like a happy customer even before tasting anything!"
- Trina, Cleveland, OH

"It only takes minutes to heat meals in the microwave. Plus, because of their Sous Vide cooking technique, their packaging keeps my food airtight, fresh, and free from bacteria. DineWise is truly a treat to experience!"

- Audrey, San Antonio, TX
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"Their meats are always cooked to a perfect tenderness. Even their vegetables come out well, after reheating, not all filled with water. All in all, dieting is quite delightful and easy with DineWise."
- Estelle, Columbus, GA

"DineWise has been very consistent with the quality of their diet meals. Nothing has been compromised, from portion sizes, down to the condiments they use. Package is so convenient, too. I can bring my diet meals at work during lunchtime. I give a thumbs up to all the DineWise diet Meals."

- Jeannette, Brownsville, TX

"I appreciate all the culinary skill put into every package of my DineWise diet meals!"
- Sheree, Salt Lake City, UT

"DineWise does not just make diet meals for the sake of it. They provide tasty flavored food, but with excellent color and texture, too, making me enjoy every bite of my meals. I just think they have to improve their customer service a little bit, though, especially if I want to change my menu once in a while. I had to confirm with them from time to time whether they got my order right. Too bad, I was nearly completely satisfied until I had this one ordering experience."
- Jean, Tallahassee, FL

"I would be happy to order from DineWise if I gain any extra pounds again. Amazing how they helped me lose 30 pounds in almost a year's time. No other meal plan has been able to help me this much!"
- Brianne J. Las Vegas, NV


"Nurtisystem has been one of the top diet programs in the country, and I agree! They have this tracking system guide book to help you watch out how much calories you eat per meal coursed through the entire program. It is manageable, easy to reheat, and very convenient to bring with me to work for my lunch and dinner. I can definitely see that in 2 months time, I'll hit my weight loss target."
- Melody N.

"Their meals are very portable. They come in microwaveable cups and are color coordinated, too. Reds are for my dinner, orange for my lunch, desserts and snacks in violet, and blues for my breakfast. This way, I know what to grab for my every meal. Lets me choose what I want to order, too, unlike other diet programs that I feel forced to stick with their pre-chosen packages. I'm pretty sure I got everything I wanted from them. Looking forward to losing 30 pounds from their three month program."
- Brittany, Palm Springs, CA

"I do not like to be all consumed with my dieting, and with Nutrisystem I don't have to be. Everything just comes in handy, prices are reasonable, and taste is ok for the price. It just makes things easier for me."
- Mae B., Waco, Texas
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